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Management Team

VXL Team is professionally qualified and has a combined work experience of over 50 years in the corporate world in US and India. Our clients have been able to leverage their unique perspective – their experience of having established, and managed the Finance, Accounting and Tax functions in diverse organizations across geographical locations along with their professional expertise and knowledge

Meet Our Staff:

Prakash Iyer

Prakash Iyer is the President of the company and has over 19 years international experience in Finance, Accounting and Audit. He began his career as an auditor with PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Over the next 17 years, he worked as part of the Senior Leadership team, heading the finance and accounting functions of medium sized companies and large multi national corporations in US and India.
Prakash brings a wealth of corporate experience, functional expertise and network that has helped his clients manage their businesses in a more efficient and effective manner. His process driven approach, execution capabilities and management skills distinguishes him from other professional consultants or companies. 
At VXL Services, he is responsible for Client Relationship and Business Development functions. In addition he manages the Finance and Consulting practice and he has enabled his clients to achieve the financial discipline which is very critical to the success of their ventures. He consults as a CFO/Controller with small and medium sized companies across USA. This includes companies in Distribution, Technology and Media industries. These companies have annual revenues ranging from $1 million to over $50 million.
His expertise includes :
  • Business & Strategic Planning, Business Plan preparation, arranging working capital for companies, ability to work with banks, auditors & tax authorities.
  • Working with senior management and other key stakeholders in implementing systems and processes that are scalable and replicable with a focus on internal controls and operational efficiencies
  • Hands on experience in day to day accounting, Financial Planning & Analysis, risk management, developing and implementing initiatives to increase revenue, reduce costs and improve profitability
Prakash is a licensed CPA in New Jersey, Chartered Accountant from India and holds a MBA degree in Finance & International Business from Boston University. Prakash is a Boston University Alumni and a member of NJCPA, AICPA, ICAI and a Charter member of TiE New York chapter.
You can reach him at

Vaishali Iyer

Vaishali Iyer is a Director of the Company and has 17 years experience in managing the Accounting and Tax operations of major corporations in US and India. She has in her career handled some complex assignments including managing the Treasury and Tax operations in various geographical locations for a large multi national corporation.
At VXL Services she manages the Accounting and Tax practice of the company. This also includes recruiting, training, motivating other team members and ensuring that client deliverables are achieved to their satisfaction and work is completed on schedule.
Vaishali manages the Accounting function for clients with annual revenues ranging from half a million to over $25 million. These clients are in industries such as Media, Information Technology, Trading (Exporters from India) and Entertainment. In the Tax practice, she works with her clients to develop Tax Planning strategies, provide Tax advice and Tax preparation services to Individuals and Corporations.
Her expertise includes:
  • Hands on experience in day to day accounting, ensuring GAAP compliance and managing external constituencies.
  • Devising and implementing effective Management Information systems, thus assisting clients in taking proactive decisions. This includes preparation & consolidation of Financial Statements; developing key performance matrix; analyzing & providing recommendations on key P&L & Balance Sheet components.

Vaishali is a CPA from Colorado State and a Chartered Accountant from India.Vaishali is a member of the National Association of Tax Professionals   (NATP) and ICAI.

You can reach her at

Mahesh Patel

Mahesh Patel is the VP Operations of the Company and has over 25 years experience in managing the Accounting operations of major International corporations in US and India. He is responsible for managing the relationships with certain key clients of the company including managing the Accounting staff at these client locations.

Mahesh started his career in India before migrating to the US. Mahesh’s key strength is managing accounting teams and working with senior staff of the client to ensure that the process is effectively managed and executed. He has the ability to manage difficult and challenging assignments and turn them around in a short span.

Mahesh is a qualified Chartered Accountant from India and holds a Bachelors degree in Commerce from St. Xavier’s College in Kolkata.

You can reach him at mahesh@vxlservicescom

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