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Case Studies

Here are some of the solutions that we have been able to offer our customers over the years. Please review them and give us your feedback, uou will realize that the issues that we have highlighted are very common problems that are confronted by the management in many companies. VXL Team has only been a catalyst to change and the credit goes to the management of these companies who have accepted that the only thing constant in today’s times is 'change'.
  • VXL Team helps company with major accounting and internal control issues to financially resurrect and then secure a B round funding. Read
  • VXL Team provides Accounting & Tax solutions on an outsourced basis for an overseas company with US operations. Read
  • VXL Team prepared a Business Plan, detailed budget for a mid sized company and performed an Accounting & Strategic review. Read
VXL Services clients range from high net worth individuals, emerging businesses to well established companies who have operations across US and Canada. Should you be interested in partnering with us, we are delighted to refer you to clients in a comparable situation. Please contact us today

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