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Accounting & Finance Operations Overview

Being one of the leading accounting firms in NJ, at VXL Services, we could conduct a detailed review of the Accounting and Finance operations of your business or conduct a Due Diligence of a company that you are potentially considering of acquiring. This would free up your time in focusing on other strategic initiatives.
The internal review would include:
  • Identifying internal control weaknesses, 
  • Process inefficiencies, 
  • Documenting and flow charting key financial processes and 
  • Recommending practical solutions.
A periodic review process is essential to ensure that internal controls are operating the way they should and credibility of the accounting system is maintained. The staff becomes fully ware that any misuse or deviation from stated policies and procedures would be flagged. The review process therefore acts as a deterrent to any potential unauthorized use of company assets.

Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis is part of the financial decision making process and involves analyzing the financial problems that the company faces and deciding which course of action should be taken.

Apart from offering accounting services in NJ, we perform activities such as analyzing the company's liquidity, supervising the company's day-to-day financial and treasury activities, analyzing the company's debt structure, developing the financial statements, ratio analysis and analyzing the investment of liquid reserves.

Standing apart from other CPA Consulting firms in New Jersey, in addition, we provide analytical services such as analysis of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash Disbursements, Credit and Collection, Cash Application, Billing, Inventory and General Ledger.

Developing Financial Reporting Structure

The purpose of the accounting system is to communicate specific information about the company so that the management can make pro-active decisions, stay ahead of the competition and ensure statutory compliance. One of the cornerstones of our company is that we provide the analysis of a controller in addition to doing your everyday bookkeeping.

We can develop a robust and scalable internal and external reporting structure and through timely, accurate reporting and detailed analysis of the results, your company can quickly identify specific areas that need to be adjusted in order to improve profitability.

Due Diligence Analysis

Due Diligence Analysis focuses on helping management of companies understand their potential acquisition target in great detail before they decide to actually make a decision to acquire, merge or engage in any other financial transaction with the target company.

We work as part of the Due Diligence team, which typically would comprise of the management, external auditors, and legal counsel. Our assignments are typically focused on the Financial and to a certain extent on the operational aspects of the business.

We begin our assignment with understanding our client's business and understanding the management expectations from the Due Diligence Analysis that we are engaged for. We then try to understand the financial processes and systems in the target company with special emphasis on internal controls and operational efficiencies.
Our focus in most of the Due Diligence Analysis projects that we conduct involves risk analysis. We also strongly emphasize on understanding the operational synergies that we come across during our analysis and our findings are shared with the management and other team members as may be required.

Being categorized under CPA Consulting firms in New Jersey, VXL Services bring an outside perspective and to provide the management with an unbiased opinion. Your management team may lack the necessary resources in evaluating the target company. Our experienced team is not only providing the required accounting services in NJ but also has the operational experience in managing companies. It has the skill sets to observe the target company at close range and offer you a unique perspective that you would never get from an "in-house" team of advisors.

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