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Package Solutions FAQ

1. Does VXL Services offer a package of services that Includes Accounting, Payroll and Tax Services all built into one?
Absolutely! This is one of the most common questions that are asked by any prospective corporate client since typically most clients want a one stop shop for all their back office needs. At VXL Services we have developed 2 turnkey solutions that have been selected by many of our clients. The VXL Small Business Solution is suited for start ups and small companies with gross annual revenues less than $1 million. This is a trimmed down version of the Standard Business Solution. The other package is the VXL Standard Business Solution that is ideal for mid sized companies with gross annual revenues exceeding $1 million. Typically most of these companies have large volume and complexity of transactions. Alternatively, we can customize a solution based on your specific requirement. Please contact us for further details on these packages so that you can decide the package that is right for your company.

2. Is there flexibility in the package in terms of the services that I can select?
There is some flexibility in the sense that Accounting and year end tax services are standard in both the packages while Payroll services and certain Ancillary services are optional and can be added to each package or all services can be selected together for one low fixed monthly price.

3. How are the packages priced and will they change during the year?
We charge a fixed monthly fee for any of the packages that you choose. The fee will not change during the course of the year unless there are dramatic increases in the volume or complexity of the work that was envisaged at the time of selecting a package. The contract that would be signed with the client would be fair and transparent and would outline the broad range of volume of transactions that would be covered in the selected package.

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