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Virtual Office Services

virtual office services in new jerseyWe offer a unique value proposition to start ups and small organizations including overseas companies setting up their US operations.

As you begin your journey in establishing your business, “cost and convenience” are two factors that you need to determine while setting up an office. Usually both these factors are intertwined and are directly proportionate to each other. Higher the cost, greater is the convenience and vice versa. Many of the young companies that are established every day find it very difficult to manage these two factors. 

Fortunately we have a Virtual office solution that is unique in the sense that it is very convenient and at the same time will not burn a hole in your pocket. 

Our “a-la-carte” offerings, doesn’t compel you to select all our services and you can pick and choose whatever services that fit your business needs. As a result you can choose a professional service company like ours that is flexible and scalable as your business grows.

We offer a host of cost effective and convenient solutions for you to choose from. Our packages can be customized to your unique requirements and include:
  • Mailing address for your business
  • Office space leasing 
  • Check deposit service
  • Renting conference room facilities
  • Courier services

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