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Payroll FAQ

1. Can I switch payroll providers’ mid-year?
Yes! As long as you have records of your payroll history, you can switch at any time.

2. Will the payroll information be entered into my QuickBooks® accounting software?
Yes! we will enter your entire payroll data into your QuickBooks® file so that all your information is in one place

3. Will VXL take care of all tax payments and return filling?
Absolutely all payments and returns would be filed by us on due date including at the year end. This includes federal and state income tax withholding returns, as well as unemployment reports.

4. What about W-2s?
At year-end, we create W-2 forms for you and your employees. In addition we take care of filing the relevent forms with the Internal Revenue Service and state authorities.

5. What if an employee needs a copy of an old pay stub?
No problem. We maintain complete records of your payroll data.

6. How do I get started with payroll services?
All we need is your company and employee information, and payroll history (if any) for this year. This process is quick and easy. Call us to schedule an appointment to discuss your payroll needs. We will design a customized payroll solution for you

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