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Cash Flow Management

A business plan is a blueprint of the steps that are needed to be taken in order to build your business. Budgets and Forecasts provide the path to achieve these plans.

Can you forecast your business for the next month, quarter or year?

Lack of planning and financial control can result in overspending on equipment, staff and/or supplies; all of which can be avoided by preparing a Budget and Forecast. This can be broken up into a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

Budgets & Forecasts
Some companies may need a Budget and/or a Monthly forecast to be prepared for internal planning and management purposes. VXL Services team has the experience in preparing an operational budget and financial forecast that will assist the management in tracking the financial performance of the entity.

We assist the customer in developing a methodology to track the actual number with the budget number and focus on the variance and the resulting corrective action that may need to be taken on a monthly or weekly or periodic basis.

Here are some of the budgeting and forecasting services we provide:
  • Design and create a budget model that allows business owners to determine future profitability.
  • Provide forecasting that identifies contributions from key products and/or customers based on certain assumptions.
  • Setup monthly reporting that compares budget to actual performance so you know if your performance is on target.
  • Interpret budget to actual results and identify key performance issues so the business can respond quickly to changing circumstances.
These services will enable business owners identify key issues, challenges and resources that are required in order to achieve the budget and forecast objectives. We help small and medium sized company management by providing them with a clear path on how to achieve their end goals and also help them revise the plans depending on the ever changing market dynamics.

At VXL Services, our senior team would work with you to prepare a realistic and practical budget and forecast after we have obtained a detailed understanding of your business. With over 25 years’ experience in creating these documents, our learning curve is minimal and the entire document in most cases can be drafted in less than 10 days. This means you have zero consultant fatigue and a skilled professional working on the aspect of the Budget and Forecast they specialize in. Our consulting team has a track record of developing these documents that have transformed entrepreneurs' visions into successful businesses. We are a team of real world professionals who have delivered results consistently in preparing Budgets and Forecasts for a number of companies.

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